A full service architecture and interior design studio based in Kerala.

Form and function, joined in a spiritual union.

Frank Lloyd Wright


2001 - Smitha Gupta started URVI CONCEPTS to monetize her passion for interior design. Turning dreams into practical day-to-day reality, Urvi weaves such a magical web on its clients that it would put even Spiderman to shame . Even though musically inclined and very conversant with the trumpet, Smitha lets her projects do the talking.

In addition to designing residential and commercial projects, Urvi also lends its design expertise to noted furniture studio D W Martins. The furniture studio caters to discerning clients looking for out-of-the-box solutions which are an eclectic mix of individuality and imagination.


Our much travelled founder Smitha Gupta’s remarkable mastery over extensive range of styles, unrivalled attention to detail and dedication to quality has earned her significant acclaim in the industry. For us, the concept of bespoke, curated elegant homes demand the coordination of sensory experiences enmeshed with made to measure design, construction, and architecture. To celebrate the art of living with an emphasis on perfection, we have a wealth of expertise and talents that makes URVI unique in the world of exquisite homes and interiors.

Over the past 20 years, Smitha Gupta has built her impeccable reputation by working on over 100 abodes, hotels and workspaces of a discerning clientele comprising of NRIs, hoteliers and business families in India, the Middle East, and South East Asia.

Creating little pieces of heaven right here, on earth