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Urvi Concepts

about us

On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.

 The provenance of our name, Urvi, comes from the earth. And we are happy to be taking inspiration from French author Jules Renard’s words and creating little pieces of heaven right here, on earth. In an era where ‘being different’ is the norm, nUrvi Concept Interiors stands apart with its commitment to design that is both aesthetically pleasing and efficient in function. Our design philosophy is guided by Frank Lloyd Wright’s thought: “Form and function, joined in a spiritual union.”Our designs reflect this seamless union of aesthetics and functionality. Urvi is a full-service architecture and interior design studio that specialises in turnkey solutions.

Know us

Started in 2001, Urvi Concept Interiors was conceptualised as the perfect avenue for Smitha Gupta to channelize her professional training and her passion for architecture and  interior design. Urvi has grown from strength to strength since, evolving from a one-person design studio to a full-fledged team that also provides services like procurement and logistics management. Urvi’s strong ties with expert master craftsmen across trades mean that clients not only get the ideal design they have in mind but also the best possible implementation of the design. 

In addition to designing for residential and commercial projects, Urvi also lends its design expertise to noted furniture studio D W Martins. The furniture studio caters for those looking for out-of-the-ordinary solutions; we create exclusive, handmade furniture and furnishings that reflect individuality and imagination

Far from the madding crowd

Our hallmarks are our almost-finicky attention to detail and our insistence on building on client interactions to deliver exactly what the client wants. We are committed to sculpting our client’s dreams in wood, brick, stone, steel or in the material that matches their needs perfectly. The client’s taste and requirement determines the design concept and style, rather than our preferences or inclinations. This is one of the reasons why our clients keep coming back to us and referring us

.Understanding a client’s requirement is no mean task, including as it often does, grasping unsaid preferences and customising styles to suit a client’s way of life. The design team at Urvi strives to keep its personal choices out of the equation when crafting homes, furniture and more for clients; we firmly believe that the only design sensibility that needs to be satisfied is the client’s. This is why every project that Urvi has executed looks different and follows divergent styles but always satisfies the client. In Lead Designer Smitha Gupta’s words, “The key to happy clients is to design efficient solutions using the design elements that they like best.

Our Services

We can help you with a whole range of interior design and architectural solutions, which include:

•    Architectural and interiors coordination 

•    Master and space planning

 •    Selection of materials and finishes

 •    Custom-built cabinetry and closet design

 •    Choosing plumbing and lighting fixtures

 •    Customised furnishings

 •    Custom-made window treatments

 •    Selecting art and artefacts

 •    Procurement, logistics and installations

•    Supervision of construction